BAIV – the War and Peace Revival (WPR) in Paddock Wood UK – Row A10-A17

Come and meet the team of BAIV on Tuesday July 25th till Saturday July 29th 2017. At The War and Peace Revival (WPR) in Paddock Wood UK – Row A10-A17. It will be great pleasure to see you all there!VB A4 flyer_motoren front

As BAIV, we like to present:
Restorations and overhaul
A nice presentation of capabilities, know-how and possibilities will be given by our specialists.

Reproduction of parts & development
Our solution with respect to 3D CAD techniques and reverse engineering.

Maintenance & Event Services Program (MESP)
The details on maintenance service especially for Historic Military Vehicles will be explained by our team.

Trading and Auctions
On the show, we present several very nice and impressive vehicles including live demonstrations such as: the Leopard 1A5; a US built Cushman with very rare trailer and even the drop parachute; an A34 Comet Mk1 Model A (Tiger Killer); a GMC CCKW352 with Lot 7; a Studebaker M29C Weasel on original tracks; a 1942 Daimler Dingo MkII in REME dessert colours; a Halftrack M5; MTU and Rolls Royce meteor engines; NOS canvas for Halftracks …………..and much more.

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