Limited quantity Meteor Mk IVB Engines available; factory overhauled power pack with accessories

Unique opportunity for British tank owners, Engine collectors but also for the Merlin enthusiast 

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-1

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-2

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-6


April 2nd 2017: Text corrected with many thanks to Les Twitchen, former Centurion AVRE crew in the Gulf War:

BAIV recently discovered a limited quantity of brand new factory overhauled Rolls Royce V12 Meteor tank engines in their original unopened crates. An absolute unique find!

The history of these specific engines is amazing. The Meteor, which was developed from the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine, was in production from 1943 till 1964 by Rolls Royce and Rover. This engine was used in many British tanks such as the Cromwell, Centaur, Challenger, Avenger, Comet, Centurion, Tortoise and Conqueror tanks.

In the early nineties, at the start of the Iraq War (Desert Storm) the British Army realized that for their Challenger tanks they had no sufficient recovery power. Therefore the British Army decided to get the almost retired Centurion AVR (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) out of their reserve and to use them in this heavy environment. Also the Centurion AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) was used in its intended role and used its 165 mm gun to blast through the Iraqi sand banks so that allied armour could enter Kuwait.
Consequently the MOD placed an order for the fully rebuilt of a batch of Meteor Mk IVB engines. The 
order was executed by the 27 District Workshop DSG Warminster. Parts were delivered from Jersey and Scottish Aviation. Investment in these days was almost £ 92K per engine! Most of the engines were rebuilt to full standard specification. Delivery was performed in the period 1991-1993. The Centurion proved to be very successful. However the major operations in Iraq were almost over at the time the engines were delivered. So most of the engines were transported straight into the MOD Warehouse.

The 27 litre Meteor engine, Mk IV: 600-650 bhp, 1450 lb/ft, bore 5,4 inch and stroke 6 inch was without any doubt the first British tank engine that supplied tanks with reliable power. An absolute masterpiece of engineering also!
The engines BAIV currently is offering are fully rebuilt to factory most COMPLETE STD. specifications! Always stored dry and inside according military specifications. Therefore a real treasure. Note: this Engine can also be an ideal and relatively cheap basis for rebuilding your Rolls Royce Merlin aero engine!

Only a limited quantity available: Fixed price £ 9.885,- excluding VAT, ex our warehouse in Lancashire UK.

We can ship worldwide.

If you have any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6.518 22.502 ; E-Mail:



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On Sunday March 20th BAIV was participating on the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (6)

In the last two years the Militaria Fair of the Dutch Association Keep Them Rolling evaluated from a fair for “men searching for vehicle parts, tools, manuals etcetera” to a complete experience for the whole family. With music from the forties, a show of uniforms and vintage clothes, hairdressers and a barber shop the Militaria Fair became the meeting point for everyone who is dedicated to commemorate the Second World War.

In 2014 the Militaria Fair moved to an expo hall in the Southern part of the Netherlands. This location made it possible to house the exhibition fully indoor and with free parking for the visitors. But moreover, it also offered possibilities of expanding and enhancing the formula of the Militaria Fair to attract more people than only owners of military vehicles.
Because of its location, not far from Rotterdam, it also attracts people from surrounding countries.
The number of visitors of the biennial Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling therefore grew extensively. The most recent fair on March 20th 2016 welcomed no less than 3,500 visitors and it is expected that these numbers will grow further during the coming years.

Sellers from all over Europe and BAIV’s participation
During the recent Militaria Fair over one hundred and thirty sellers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany offered a large variety of goods and services. Of course all the large and also abroad well-known sellers and renovators were present.
Moreover, we spotted a large variety of parts, manuals, tools, military and personal equipment, uniforms, tents and WW2 collectibles.

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (4)

The Dutch Company BAIV from Maarheeze even brought in a very nice collection fresh restored vehicles. Vehicles (2 halftracks and an early Ford GPW) were on the show just prior to their shipment to clients in the Southern part of France, USA and a The Netherlands.
Our crew received many very enthusiast reactions regarding the high level of restoration and craftsmanship. Also many were impressed that we bring a very nice collection of vehicles to the show! Occasionally even the previous owner of one of the halftracks (Mr. Kees van Gaal) visited ‘his’ halftrack prior to its shipment to the US!

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (15)

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (16)

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (20)

Back to the forties
The whole atmosphere at the Militaria Fair was drenched in the forties and not only by music from that time. A vintage shop with all kind of civil clothes for men, women and children was constantly crowded with people.
In the hairdressing salon women had their hair done in forties style and the barber shaved many beards in the old-fashioned way.

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (23)
At the large terrace friends and acquaintances sat together and enjoyed their lunch or drink, either watched the show of uniforms and vintage civil clothes at the catwalk, which was held three times that day.

In short, the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling is an event to put in your agenda.
Should you want to visit the fair: On October 2nd 2016 there will be the next Militaria Fair.

20160320 KTR Fair BAIV (14)

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Sexton experience


Together with some members of our crew (the rest was on holliday) we had this week a very nice ride with our Sexton Mk-II. Great vehicle and a very nice runner.

Produced by the Canadian Montreal Locomotive Works in 1943 it was used by the British Army in the 2nd WW. In total only 2.150 vehicles have been built in the period 1943-1945 and worldwide there are only a few survivors. This example ended its active army life on a scrap yard in Portsmouth however saved by a British collector in the early nineties of the last century .

Recently the vehicle was complete serviced. Still on its original Canadian Dry Pin tracks (the best tracks ever produced for Sherman tanks) the Sexton will come in great condition with new ammunition stowage, floors, bins etc. Also the 9 cylinder C4 Radial engine is in nice running order.

As you can see on the pictures great fun to drive. This specific vehicle is currently for sale.
If more information is required please ask for a detailed brochure.

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Parts hunting!

If you are specialized in armoured vehicles and tanks the sourcing of parts is an important lifeline to serve your customers. However, many parts are still existing it is always difficult to source them.
Therefore our workshop manager Ruud Caspers visited this week an old warehouse in Southern France where he was very successful in his parts hunt.
However… the barn, in which the parts where located, was in such deplorable condition that he sometimes found his way with risk of a complete collapse of the roof structure.
Below a picture of Ruud’s part hunt.

The entire inventory of this barn was untouched since the last 4 decades. Without any doubt a very remarkable place.

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New projects… the Inter M5 “Annelies” & White M16 “Nicole”!

Next to the supply line of parts also the supply line of project vehicles is important.

Ivo Rigter Sr., was therefore very lucky to find 2 very nice project vehicles being an M16 Halftrack build by White (Chassis number 283315) and an International Halftrack model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320).

The International is a very early model. According our dedicated calculation this vehicle left the Chicago production line on February 12th 1943 around 13:30 hrs.

Originally it received from the US Army number USA#4030308 however definitely this vehicle went to Europe and performed its duties against the Germans as part of the allied armies.

As well the M16 and M5 are in remarkable good condition. Both vehicles will arrive in the Netherlands 2nd half of June were restoration is scheduled to be started in Q4 2015.

As well the M5 (named Annelies) and M16 (named Nicole) will be brought back to factory specifications. Both vehicles deserve this!

The “Annelies”… International – Halftrack – model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320):

The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)The "Annelies"... International - Halftrack - model M5 (Chassis number M5-M5-1565-ORD-12320)

The “Nicole”… White – Halftrack – model M16 (Chassis number 283315):

The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)The "Nicole"... White - Halftrack - model M16 (Chassis number 283315)

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