Comet ‘Saint’

This vehicle was build end 1944 and delivered in the beginning of 1945 with Britisch registration number T335817. This is one of the 40 Comets that went to Finland in 1960. Theze Comets were given Finish registraiton number groing from Ps252-1 to Ps252-41, our Comet has the Finish registration Ps 252-33 and also still visible on the turret is the Britisch registration number T335817.

This Comet was the 92nd build by Fowler under the contract license M10536, where 350 Comets where orderded, but only 150 were build.

The Comet is in very good condition due to the favourable storage conditions in Finland. Which makes it an ideal restoration project. In the years we have sourched and gathered all missing parts needed for the restoration.

Before Restoration:

Restoration work:

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