BAIV – the War and Peace Revival (WPR) in Paddock Wood UK – Row A10-A17

Come and meet the team of BAIV on Tuesday July 25th till Saturday July 29th 2017. At The War and Peace Revival (WPR) in Paddock Wood UK – Row A10-A17. It will be great pleasure to see you all there!VB A4 flyer_motoren front

As BAIV, we like to present:
Restorations and overhaul
A nice presentation of capabilities, know-how and possibilities will be given by our specialists.

Reproduction of parts & development
Our solution with respect to 3D CAD techniques and reverse engineering.

Maintenance & Event Services Program (MESP)
The details on maintenance service especially for Historic Military Vehicles will be explained by our team.

Trading and Auctions
On the show, we present several very nice and impressive vehicles including live demonstrations such as: the Leopard 1A5; a US built Cushman with very rare trailer and even the drop parachute; an A34 Comet Mk1 Model A (Tiger Killer); a GMC CCKW352 with Lot 7; a Studebaker M29C Weasel on original tracks; a 1942 Daimler Dingo MkII in REME dessert colours; a Halftrack M5; MTU and Rolls Royce meteor engines; NOS canvas for Halftracks …………..and much more.

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Limited quantity Meteor Mk IVB Engines available; factory overhauled power pack with accessories

Unique opportunity for British tank owners, Engine collectors but also for the Merlin enthusiast 

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-1

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-2

BAIV Meteor Mk 4-6


April 2nd 2017: Text corrected with many thanks to Les Twitchen, former Centurion AVRE crew in the Gulf War:

BAIV recently discovered a limited quantity of brand new factory overhauled Rolls Royce V12 Meteor tank engines in their original unopened crates. An absolute unique find!

The history of these specific engines is amazing. The Meteor, which was developed from the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine, was in production from 1943 till 1964 by Rolls Royce and Rover. This engine was used in many British tanks such as the Cromwell, Centaur, Challenger, Avenger, Comet, Centurion, Tortoise and Conqueror tanks.

In the early nineties, at the start of the Iraq War (Desert Storm) the British Army realized that for their Challenger tanks they had no sufficient recovery power. Therefore the British Army decided to get the almost retired Centurion AVR (Armoured Recovery Vehicle) out of their reserve and to use them in this heavy environment. Also the Centurion AVRE (Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers) was used in its intended role and used its 165 mm gun to blast through the Iraqi sand banks so that allied armour could enter Kuwait.
Consequently the MOD placed an order for the fully rebuilt of a batch of Meteor Mk IVB engines. The 
order was executed by the 27 District Workshop DSG Warminster. Parts were delivered from Jersey and Scottish Aviation. Investment in these days was almost £ 92K per engine! Most of the engines were rebuilt to full standard specification. Delivery was performed in the period 1991-1993. The Centurion proved to be very successful. However the major operations in Iraq were almost over at the time the engines were delivered. So most of the engines were transported straight into the MOD Warehouse.

The 27 litre Meteor engine, Mk IV: 600-650 bhp, 1450 lb/ft, bore 5,4 inch and stroke 6 inch was without any doubt the first British tank engine that supplied tanks with reliable power. An absolute masterpiece of engineering also!
The engines BAIV currently is offering are fully rebuilt to factory most COMPLETE STD. specifications! Always stored dry and inside according military specifications. Therefore a real treasure. Note: this Engine can also be an ideal and relatively cheap basis for rebuilding your Rolls Royce Merlin aero engine!

Only a limited quantity available: Fixed price £ 9.885,- excluding VAT, ex our warehouse in Lancashire UK.

We can ship worldwide.

If you have any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6.518 22.502 ; E-Mail:



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BAIV at Inter Classics in Maastricht from January 12th till 15th 2017

BAIV at Inter Classics in Maastricht from January 12th till 15th 2017

A new year, a new opportunity to increase your enjoyment of life!


On January 12th till 15th 2017 BAIV will be present at Benelux Prime Classic Car Event ‘Inter Classics’ Maastricht, The Netherlands.

35.000 m2, 300 Exhibitors so THE Place to be for the serious classic car and rolling material collector.

Together with Exclusive Car Brokers (ECB) we will present an absolute eye-catcher being the 1944 British A34 Comet MK I Model A T335227 ‘VICTOR’.


Next to this we also will offer for sale a Class A restored Halftrack M3A1, USA-4044090-S, built in November 1942.



Come to see us from January 12th till 15th at the ECB stand W.2622 which is located in the Westhal.

For more info regarding the Inter Classics please go to


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