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BAIV GMC Quick Way Crane 6
1943 GMC CCKW 353 with 4-tons Quick Way-Crane

Very rare and unique find! Needs some Tender Love and Care however this is a very unique item which should be in the collection of a serious GMC owner.

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Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tank

Masterpiece of German Post War Tank Technology in superb condition and ready to roll.

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A34 Comet mk1A ‘Victor’1944

In very nice operational condition. Recently fully serviced. Many small details and very good runner. The best British tank in WW-II (Tiger killer). 17 Pdr. gun is still live. Gun (barrel currently not installed due to exhibition purposes) can be de-militarized at customer’s request.

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A27L Centaur Dozer ‘Joan’ 1943 / 1944

Built as a Centaur tank in 1943 and converted to a Centaur Dozer in 1944 This is an opportunity to purchase an extremely rare and fun 2nd WW vehicle.Read More


Very early 1940 Diamond T969 Wrecker (No. 331 built) closed cab

This 1940 6×6 wrecker military truck, closed cab is a very early model with civil dashboard. The earliest known survivor world-wide. Serial number: 331.
It has a Hercules RXC 6 cylinder gasoline engine with 131 bhp. The transmission is a 4-speed forward and 1 reverse manual transmission. The wrecker is fitted with a 2-speed transfer case, front PTO . The winch has a lifting capacity of 10 tons.

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Dodge WC 63 with Winch 1942

WC63 Truck, Cargo and Personnel Carrier, 1½ ton, 6×6 G507. This is without any doubt the best example currently available on the market. This specific example was imported in The Netherlands in the late 1970’s by the, in these days, famous company Den Otter (Dordrecht Yard). Since than fully overhauled and serviced.

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Halftrack M16 USA  283315

In need of some restoration, currenlty we are recompleting this old girl.

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Fruehauf 8 ton trailer 1942

Original WW-II 8 ton trailer, full, low-bed 8 ton. Corps of Engineers U.S. Army, very rare with original data plate. U.S. regisration: W 0252133. built on 10 November 1942 by Fruehauf trailer CO Detroit Michican. In unrestored but complete condition.

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Ward Lafrance M1A1 Wrecker open cab 1943   

In absolute superb unrestored condition, all equipment belonging to the vehicle is present. This vehicle is ex Swiss army. Will be delivered with a set of original data plates.

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Ford GP 1941

Barn find: Ford GP. Date of delivery 25th April 1941. Has matching number of chasis and engine with the original data plates. Comes with spare parts.

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Halftrack M3A1#USA-4044090-S#11-1942

This halftrack is in excellent and original condition. Restoration level: Class A. Armour is 100% original and uncut. All parts used for the restoration are genuine WW-II parts. Tracks are used but a set of new tracks is included in the purchase price. It is completely stowed just as it was seventy years ago and ready for combat. Many small items are there even snow chains, radio- intercom set, hull compass, all canvas (also original WW-II) etc. etc.. Too much to be listed! This historic beauty is a musthave for a serious collector of WW-II armour!

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GE Search Light set 60”

This Second World War searchlight manufactured by General Electric is 60 inch (152.4 cm) in diameter with rhodium plated parabolic mirrors, re-flecting a carbon arc discharge. Peak output is 800,000,000 candela. It is powered by a 15 kW generator and has an effective beam visibility of 28 to 35 miles (45 to 56 km) in clear low humidity. Delivered with a spare set of carbon arcs.

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Sexton Mk II No. 48 1943

This Sexton (Hull No. 48) was built by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1943. Active duty in WW-II and after the war vehicle remain in British service. Ended its active Army life in Portsmouth. Recently it was complete overhauled and serviced.

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Very rare Marmon-Herrington Mk IVF reconnaissance car

This 1943 4×4 military South African Mk IV Reconnaissance car, better known as Marmon-Herrington Armoured Car, is an armoured vehicle that’s produced in South Africa and adopted by the British Army during World War II. This is a very rare armoured car, only 4 known running survivors left worldwide.

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FV434 in excellent condition!

The vehicle runs and drives perfect. Has been fully overhauled and rebuilt in 2000 by the MOD and is in excellent technical condition.

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M45 Maxson Turret on M20 trailer

This ‘Meat chopper’ is in great optical condition.
And… can be towed behind your jeep!

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Hertha 2GU 365/30 Electric Engine for the XXI U-boot

The XXI U-boot had 2 of these electric motors build by Siemens-Schuckert AG in 1944 beside the normal engines. The main advantage of the electric engines was that the U-boot could not be detected if the rotation speed was 122 per minute for both propellers. These engines made the U-boot extremely quiet, at noise level of 72dB which was absolutely remarkable

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Half track M5

Coming soon: This M5 got a different job after the war in the Netherlands till 1971. Currently it is in need of some restoration but it’s in a very good shape and also very complete.

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Ford M8 9016

Ford M8 has be resotred in the past months to a fully running vehicle and participated Rhe Final Push in April 2015.  Unique opportunity to buy this very rare piece of WW-II Armour which is one of the most desirable and practicable armoured cars to have and drive!

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Halftrack M5 Project

M5 is in running condition with original red diamond engine. This makes it a proper base for a good restoration. We can supply all needed parts, eg we currently also reproduce the rear armor.

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Comet 1945

The Comet is in very good condition due to the favourable storage conditions in Finland. Which makes it an ideal restoration project. In the years we have sourched and gathered all missing parts needed for the restoration.

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Patton Tank engine V12 Continental AVI-1790-8M

This engine is very comple and including the General Motors (2 ranges forward, 1 reverse) gearbox and has been renovated in August 1989 by the “Fahreuginstandsetzungswerk”in Ichendorf Germany.

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Ford M8 Greyhound – May 1944

M8 is 8159, build in May 1944 registration number USA 6041062-S. Read More

Diamond T 969 Wrecker 03-19-1942

This Diamond was delivered in March 1942 (Production number 0427) by the Diamond Motor Company. After WO-ll it was used by the French Army and totatty overhauled at the Entablisement de Reserve General du Material de Mains (4th Echelons Repair) in June 1961. Read More

Half track M3

This Halftrack was built in July 1943 by the Autocar Motor Company as M3. It was registered by the US Army under Nr. USA 4065552/S and was for sure active in the WW-II. This halftrack is a very good and original condition. Armour is with exception of 2 plates 100% original and uncut. Tracks are WW-II. Even the tires are the original Firestone WW-II Combat tires.

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FV 434 Armoured Repair Vehicle in excellent condition!

The vehicle runs and drives perfect and is
• Fully overhauled and rebuilt
• Well maintained (press the button and ready to go),
• Excellent technical condition,
• New tracks, brakes etc.
• Comes fully serviced including operation and maintenance manuals.

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Harley Davidson WLA 1943 USA 674837

Absolutely superb
fully overhauled Harley
Davidson Model WLA May 1943 USA 674837

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Humber Armoured Car 4×4 Mk IV ‘CHARMIAN’ 1942 full History

This vehicle was built in February 1942 (Hull nr. 63A2438) under Contract No. 94TM46456
British Rootes Group in Coventry. The Humber Armoured Car was basically a combin Karrier KT 4 artillery tractor chassis and the armoured body of the Guy Armoured Car.

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Diamond T Wrecker build in 1942 Closed Cab

This vehicle was built in 1942 in Chicago by Diamond T Motor Car Company. This vehicle was introduced in 1941 ans was deliverd first with a closed cab (969) and after 1943 as an open cab (969A-969B). It’s job was to lift and tow disabled vehicles it even was capable of moving the heaviest tanks in service.

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GMC CCKW 352 + Set 7 delivered 01-01-1943

This GMC is fully overhauled and in very good running and fully operational condition.
Delivered early 1943 it was sent to Europe to support the Allied Air forces in their campaign against Germany. Af

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_Museum Priest M7B1 (10)
Priest M7B1 1944

Manufacturer: Pressed Steel Car Company located in south Chicago (called Hegewisch Station). This vehicle was delivered in December 1944 (Hull nr. 4393)It was vehicle 604 in Series 1 (December 1944). In total 826 Priests are produced. The drive line of the M7B1 is identical to the Sherman M4A3. Engine used was also the Ford GAA.

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Clark tructractor CT.40 USA 81425

Clark tructractor CT.40
USA 81425 / Date of Delivery 06-43

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Halftrack M16 USA 4042701-S July 1943

This halftrack is in very good running and fully operational condition. It has very good tracks and road
wheels. It will be delivered including Maxon turret.

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