BAIV Leopard 1A5 (BE)

Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tank

Masterpiece of German Post War Tank Technology in suburb condition and ready to roll.


Model: Leopard 1A1 Country of Origin: Germany Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver) Combat Weight: 46.73 tons Ground Pressure: 12.52 psi (0.88 kg/cm²) Engine: MTU 830 bhp (619 KW) multi-fuel V-10 diesel Dimensions (l x w x h): 31.3 ft. (9.54 m) x 11.06 ft. (3.37 m) x 8.56 ft. (2.61 m) This is the tank were real tank enthusiast have been waiting for a long time! When the West German Army joined NATO in 1955, it was equipped primarily with equipment made by the U.S., France and Great Britain. Among the first tanks used by the West German Army were American built M47’s and M48’s. While decent tanks for their time, they were already beginning to be outclassed by vehicles of other nations. In 1956, a requirement for a new tank for the West German Army was put forth. By September 1965, the first Leopard 1 was delivered and without any doubt a Master peace of German Post War Tank technology. The hull design was basally split up in two compartments being the engine at the rear and the crew compartment in the front separated by a fireproof bulkhead. The tank has a crew of 4 persons. The driver is in the front on the right (with infrared image-intensification for night driving); the commander and gunner on the right and the loader on the left. The Leopard 1 was a fast, well-armed main battle tank. It was not as heavily armored as it’s contemporaries such as the British Chieftain or American M60 series, but it was faster and more reliable. It formed the backbone of the West German panzer forces throughout the 1960s and 1970s until it began to be replaced by the more powerful but also far more heavier Leopard II. The Leopard 1 was built in several variants, each of which underwent various modifications during their service. The initial Leopard 1 was built with a welded hull and cast turret. It was upgraded to the 1A1 in 1971 by adding a thermal sleeve and stabilization system to the main armament. Add on turret armor created the Leopard 1A1A1. The addition of digital radios and the PZB200 low-light television system created the Leopard 1A1A4.

This Leopard 1 A5 was the final German Army production version. This version has an integrated fire control system consisting of a commander’s stabilized panoramic telescope and a gunner’s primary sight with stereoscopic rangefinder coupled to a fully-stabilized main gun and ballistic computer, later upgraded with an EMES-18 FCS and thermal sights.

While the Leopard 1 series is no longer used by the German Army, many are still used by NATO members such as Turkey, Greece and Canada.
The tank will be delivered in full running order.
Gun is professional demilitarized according Dutch requirements. Comes with deactivation certificate and with full Army Maintenance History (database).

We can ship worldwide. This Tank should be in your collection! For more information contact us


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