1939 Morris Commercial CS8 Mk II Z 398351

The best available, superb restoration, very rare and great fun to own and drive

Vehicle history:
This Morris Commercial CS8 Mk II is built for the British and Commonwealth Forces and delivered on June 30th 1939. In 1940 it was rebodied with a house/office type body by Metro-Cammel from Birmingham. In this configuration it served with the 11th anti-aircraft unit taking care for the defense of the city of Coventry during the Blitz.
During this operation a small number of 15 cwt vehicles was commissioned by A.A. Command’s Operational Research Group (ORG) under Professor Blanckett. Their purpose was to monitor and record the in these days the ‘top secret radar predictor operations’. Therefore was manned by a young scientist.

After the Blitz the vehicle remained in the Coventry area for the rest of the war supporting the further development and field tests of Radar Equipment. The development of radar proved to be a huge contribution to the outcome of the war.

After the war the Morris was bought by an orchard owner also near Coventry were it served for many years. In 1982 the vehicle went to a garage owner in Banbury who started to restore it but unfortunately lost interest and never finished the job.
A couple of years later it was discovered by a collector who brought it back to running condition.
At the beginning of this century it came to The Netherlands were it was fully restored to its original factory condition.

Why buying this vehicle?
The Morris Commercial Truck 15CWT 4WHLD GS BODY Mk II was a very popular vehicle in WW-II. It served British and Commonwealth troops in the entire world and proved to be very reliable.
Moreover the vehicle is today very rare; only a few survivors remained.
This specific example is powered by a 6 cylinder engine, instead of the later installed 4 cylinder,  which makes it great fun to drive which makes it a great investment.

Without any doubt: in absolute pristine condition and the best available in the market! Class A restored during a 6 years restoration period and with many very difficult and hard to find small details. In the restoration project over 1.200 hrs. have been invested to bring this beauty back to its former glory as it was delivered in June 1939.

Therefore an absolute must in a serious collection of British Military Trucks and Tourers.



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