SOLD – 1943 Dodge WC62 Truck


The Dodge WC series ¾ – ton (4×4) and 1 ½ -ton (6×6) are pure War Vehicles.

Built in the US they saw action on every theater of the World War II as well Europe, Africa and the Far East. Its development was based on the huge experience of the Dodge Company, who already had built a great amount of small trucks and pick-up’s since WW I.
Those WC war-versions have been built to match their future rough mission.
Many of those vehicles have been delivered also to allies such as the UK, Canada, Australia and the former Soviet Union. “WC” is the abbreviation of “Weapon Carrier”. Most versions were built as troop- or ammunition transporters in “pick-up-style”, initially for 10 soldiers, later on also three-axle versions (1 ½ ton) for 14 soldiers. The Dodge was delivered in many different executions all using the same technical basis, such as Ambulances, Command-Cars, Officers-Cars, Radio-Cars and Repair- and Maintenance vehicles. It’s a fact, that Dodge WC played a major role in the liberation of Europe. After the WW II many have been sold to allied and neutral armies in great amount as so-called “Surplus”-vehicles”. Therefore many Dodge WC’s were used by the post war military forces of France, The Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Swiss etc. till the late seventies.

This example is, after it ended its active WW-II Services, delivered to the Norwegian Army.
Since then it was never fully restored and still in, with exception of a paint and service job, nearly untouched and great condition. Recently fully mechanically serviced including brakes, replacement of tires, battery and main brake cylinder.
Engine is running very smooth (Short movie available on request). Chassis Nr. 82015291
Included in the delivery are a typical Normandy Wire Cutter, very rare!
Pedestal M24A2 and all canvas. Vehicle is Dutch road registered (BE-25-85). Without any doubt the best Dodge in the WC Series!

Delivery: ex works Maarheeze but we can ship worldwide.
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