SOLD – 1943 Ford F15A 4×4 101 inch wheelbase, 15 cwt – SOLD

In patina good and original condition with matching Ben Hur trailer

The Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck was a class of military trucks made in large numbers in Canada during the WW-II according British Army specifications. Early in 1937 Ford and General Motors Canada were invited to produce a Canadian prototype of a 15-hunderweight light infantry truck that had then been recently adopted by the British War Office.

After the Dunkirk evacuation there was an urgent need to replace those losses and to provide new vehicles to equip the rapidly expanding armed forces of the Commonwealth. CMP vehicles, based on the British specification and with large manufacturing capacity, were the logical answer.


This Ford F15A is a survivor which was used it the area in Breda after the war. It was restored in the nineties by a Dutch collector. Engine is a Flat head V8 Ford Koln Moreover it is equipped with a very rare cardan winch.

Nowadays it’s a very popular classic military vehicle and comfortable to drive.

CMP truck are becoming more popular and are great to drive

This vehicle is Dutch road registered (BE-60-33) an comes in complete condition as indicated on the pictures.

Note: can be delivered with matching Ben Hur Trailer!