SOLD — 1943 GMC CCKW 352 Lot 7 with winch.


Fully restored and in great running condition with matching Ben Hur trailer

The GMC CCKW is a 2½-ton 6×6 U.S. Army cargo truck that saw heavy service in both World War II and the Korean War. The original “Deuce and a Half” formed the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express that kept Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion.
The CCKW came in many variants, including open or closed cab, long wheel base (LWB 353) and short (SWB 352), and over a score of specialized models.

This GMC 352 CCKW Series with open cab is one of these specialized models equipped with a Wrecker Set No 7 (in short lot 7)

This version was used for maintenance and repair activities at maintenance depots, airfields etc. Lifting capacity of the hand operated chain hoist was 3 tons

The Vehicle is very useful and practical for every MV collector. Moreover the short GMC is very comfortable to drive.

Engine: “GMC” 6 cylinder gasoline engine; displacement 269.5 cu in.; 104 bhp.

Transmission: manual 5-speed. With frontal winch.


This is a very nice and fully restored GMC (Chassis # 92737) in good running condition and recently fully maintained.
It was restored body off around a decade ago and well taken care every since.

Many correct details. Restored in The Netherlands and a very reliable runner. Moreover fantastic to drive and a valuable investment.

Comes with nice options such as all canvas, pioneer tools etc.
Recently Dutch road registered (DZ-34-80)