1943 GMC CCKW 353 with 4-tons Quick Way-Crane

Very rare and unique find!

The 4 tons Quick way crane was normally installed on the Coleman and the 6-ton trucks as being produced by Brockway, White and Corbitt. However GMC has built 4 examples with this crane with reduced lifting capacity (2,5 tons). However in the field test the capacity of the GMC Chassis proved to be insufficient to accommodate the crane so it never went in production.
This specific example was found in Norway in the late seventies. The original rolling chassis was in very bad condition and must unfortunately be replaced.
Currently the vehicle is running. Crane engine (international) is currently dismantled and will be delivered separately. Need some Tender Love and Care however this is a very unique item which should be in the collection of a serious GMC owner. Chassis number CCKW353152820A1

Dimensions: (lxwxh) approx. 8.80×2.24×3.40 m; Weight approx. 4575 kg.

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