SOLD – 1944 Cushman Model 53 (G683) Airborne Infantry Scooter USA 6134784 with matching Cart! – SOLD

One of the unique challenges for ‘war planners’ was outfitting the airborne troops with the materials needed to attack the enemy and hold and secure positions long enough for the advancing ground forces. These troops could not be saddled with too much or heavy equipment.

The Cushman Model 53 was developed with the American paratrooper in mind and proved suitable for road travel and delivering vital information from point to point. The scooter could reach road speeds up to 40 miles per hour powered by a Cushman 16M71 1-cylinder, four-stroke 242cc engine developing 4.6 horsepower.
This two-wheeled system was light and compact enough to be airdropped in an airborne operation. Overall weight was 254lb.

Cushman Motorworks handled production of both engine and scooter from 1944 till the end of the war.


This specific example was produced in August 1944 at Cushman Motorworks with Manufactures No. 33048.

In the early nineties it was discovered in France and purchased by its former Dutch owner. Since then it was fully restored with only original N.O.S. parts and including original tires. The cart (USMC Utility Hand Cart Model 1942) still carries its original military grade Firestone tires. Will be delivered with post war parachute (for decoration) and only sold as a complete set. Comes with Dutch road registration licence ZF-38-55.