1944 Polsten AA Gun Quadruple mounted

Built by the John Inglis Company in Canada for the effective defend against V1 flying bombs or “Doodle Bugs” against Southern England but also used to defend the harbor of Antwerp.

The Polsten machine gun is a magnificent 20mm weapon which has been designed primarily to fulfill an antiaircraft role against low flying aircraft and pilotless planes.
It is similar in principle to the 20mm Oerlikon gun which was used by the Navy, and it fires the same high explosive, incendiary, tracer, and armor-piercing ammunition. This makes it an extremely effective weapon when employed in its A.A. role.

The Polsten machine gun had an unusual development history! Its design originated in Poland. It was however transferred to the UK when the Germans invaded Poland in 1939.
The design of this quadruple mounted Polsten was specifically developed to be used as an answer to the V1 flying bombs or “Doodle Bugs ” against Southern England and later also against the harbor of Antwerp in Belgium. Conventional A.A. guns such as the 3.7´s and 40 mm Bofors were found to be inadequate to deal with this problem so this new A.A. gun was produced by the highly reputable company John Inglis from Toronto Canada. The gun could be trailed into position anywhere quickly and then set up.

In 1944 only 1,000 Quad Polstens have produced from which this is one of the very few survivors worldwide! This Polsten AA is a very good and original condition. Fully restored in 2014 it comes with 4 deactivated 20 mm guns!
A great and collectable item for every serious AA Collector!

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