7048: June 1943 Half Track M4A1 81mm Mortar Carrier

Only handfull known in existence, very rare WW2 Half Track variant!

The M4/M4A1 was developed to meet the need for a specialized mortar carrier based on the M2 Half Track Car. The initial M4 was designed to carry a mortar. And in emergencies, the mortar could be fired from the vehicle. The M4 was in service from October 1940 and in total 572 were built. Later on, the evolved version came, as the M4A1, which allowed the mortar to be fired from the vehicle. It was put in production / service  from December 1942 and in total 600 were built.

In running condition and good tracks, very original incl data plate. We found the original markings on the vehicle and are reapplied. The Registration we found was USA 4061150, initially we tought the number 6 was a zero but after corresponding with well-known Mr. Demarco we could decyfer the original ordnance number which was 805, therefor resulting in the US registration 4061150 and based on this info vehicle is accepted in June 1943. The M4A1 will require completion of interior and  brake and electrical work.

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