7087: 3 x Yard Find: Halftrack M16 and M3A1 2 x m16 and 1 x M3A1 later converted into a M16 Great projects for a keen collector with a small budget!

All 3 are recent discoveries existing of 2 x M16 Multiple Gun Carriage and 1 x M3A1 personnel carrier later converted in an M16.

1. M16 #282953 USA4050061-S (White 1943) ——SOLD

2. M3A1 #27824 USA 4066085-S (Autocar 1942)

3. M16 #283569 USA4050560-S (White 1943)

All vehicles are recently salvaged from a shooting range in France but still restorable.

Parts missing can be supplied against additional offer.

If you are interested, please contact us. Additional pictures can be sent on request.

We can also ship worldwide.

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