7233: M74 Armored Recovery Vehicle *SOLD*

The battlefield Taxi! Recent discovery. Original production date (M4A3-105): 02-1945. Converted into an M74: 11-1955

This ARV:

A great discovery.

The unit is, as well external, as internal, very complete. Used in the late fifties by the US Forces in Germany. After its operational service it was demobilized and stored for many years. In the early eighties it was finally released to German Museum and since then stored inside for a couple of decades. Therefore, it remains still very original and complete!

Almost everything is there including the complete drive line, engine (Ford GAA) , steering and recovery gear.

The M74 was very successful and welcome on the battlefield however in these days they are difficult to find. Only a few have survived and therefore this example is a very good basis for restoration a moreover a rare and very collectable unit!

Tanks when in combat break down, get stuck in the mud, sand or on a tree stump. It such cases an ARV makes the difference!
ARV’s are first of all designed to support and recover tanks when they have been put out of action.
Therefore, they are assigned to tank battalions. These units went out and salvaged knocked out tanks and repaired them in cases if assistance is required with pulling a turret, final drive and tranny housing, changing a motor, or repairing mine damage.

In all these cases an ARV crew would be useful to have around.

In early 1954, Bowen McLaughlin-York Inc. began production on the M74, converting 2nd world war M4A3 tanks (105 mm) to a recovery configuration.
The M74 became a 90,000-pound winch and a hydraulically raised boom. It also had a spade on the front to help stabilize the vehicle when the boom was being used. The spade was hydraulic and could be used also for light dozing work. The M74 had an M2 .50 caliber machine gun mounted on it’s all around vision cupola. It also retained the bow machine gun.

Finally the M74 was replaced in service by the M88.

Technical specification:

Model: M74 Armored Recovery Vehicle
Manufacturer: Bowen-McLaughlin-York, United States of America
Total weight: 93,695 lb (42.5 tons) (empty)
Crew: 4: (Driver, Commander and 2 engineers
Engine: Ford GAA, 8 cylinder, DOHC 60°V8 gasoline,
Displacement:  1,100 cu in (18 L)
Power output:  525HP at 2.600 RPM
Torque: 1,100 Nm
Transmission: 5 forward 1 reverse
Speed: 25 miles/h (40 km/h) on the hard ground
15 miles/h (25 km/h) on the soft ground
Dimensions: Length: 26 ft 1 in   7.95 m
Width: 10 ft 2 in   3.10 m
Height: 10 ft 2 in    3.10 m
Armament: 1 x .50 caliber M2HB machine gun
1 x .20 caliber M1919A4 machine gun
Note: any armament and ammunition is not included in the delivery.
Suspension: Horizontal volute spring suspension (HVSS)
Recovery design: The M74 was fitted with a main 90,000 lb (40,000 kg) hydraulic winch,
a lighter-duty general purpose secondary,
a hydraulic A-frame, and hydraulic front-mounted spade,
which was suitable for light dozing,
as well as serving as an anchor for heavy winching operations
No. built: ≈1000
Condition: Ex Hard Target object

Interested in this ARV:

If you are interested in this fully overhauled engine, please let us know. Brochure available.

Please refer to 7233


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