7242: Fully overhauled Continental R975 C1 Radial engine *SOLD*

The Iconic WW-II tank engine  

This Engine:

Fully overhauled and tested.
Many NOS parts used and photographic log available of the overhaul and restoration.

Delivery includes the engine without test rig and clutch.
These parts can be delivered as optional items (N.O.S. Clutch available in the crate).

The Continental R975 C1 Radial engine was a license-built version of the Wright R-975 built by Continental for tank use. It had been around nearly ten years and used in civil aviation before the army started putting it in tanks, starting with the M2 medium in 1939 and would go on to produce more R-975’s than Wright ever would; 53,000 motors total.

The military version put out more horsepower than the civil version as well.  This was a solid and reliable tank motor, but not ideal. It was a little underpowered and had to be revved up a lot to get the tank moving.

The Army considered this a superior choice over the 6046 diesel and A57 motors, probably because it required a lot less maintenance than the other two motor choices. 

The engine was used in the M2 Medium Tank, M3 Lee, M4 Sherman, the Canadian Ram Tank and also the Sexton, M7 Priest, the M12 and M40 Gun Motor Carriage and the M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

Despite the large production numbers these engines become very rare these days.
Reason for this is that after the war many have been scrapped and there are still a lot of WW-II tanks running with this motor, either in civilian collections, or museums that keep running tanks.

Therefore, this engine should be part of the collection of a serious tank collector.

Technical specification:

Model: Continental R975 C1 Radial engine
Manufacturer(s): Continental Motors Corporation
Gross weight: 1,137 lbs. (516 kg) dry
Type of engine: 9-cylinder, 4 cycle, radial
Ignition: Magneto
Displacement 973 ci (15,95 ltr.)
Bore and stroke: 5 × 5.5 inches
Compression Ratio: 5.7:1
Horsepower: Gross: 400 hp. / Nett: 350 hp.
Torque: Gross: 890/ft-lb / Nett: 800/ft-lb
Fuel: 80 Octane gasoline 
Engine Oil Capacity: 36 quarts
Dimensions Length:    41 7/16 in Diameter:    45 in

Interested in this unique Engine:

If you are interested in this fully overhauled engine, please let us know. Brochure available.

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