7243: US Gun 57 mm M1 AT in great condition and nicely restored

The US World War II Powerful AT Gun!

This Gun:

This unit was recently discovered in Southern France. Detailed history is currently unfortunately unknown, but it must be one of the examples which was used by the US forces during the campaign on the Western Front. The gun is still live and very complete but need to be deactivated prior to delivery.

The current owner wants to sell this unit because it less fits into his collection and funds for new developments are welcome.

Will be delivered:

  • In nicely resorted condition prior to delivery,
  • Preservation with a 2K US coating system (Carboline) in the color of USA Army WWII OD Green.
  • Markings and identification to be placed on the Unit to be determined by Client. BAIV will make a proposal,
  • Included will be a full set of documentation, restoration photographical log, delivery protocol, certificate of conformance, valuation report and CEx,
  • The 57 mm Gun will be deactivated according EU regulations or regulations as specified by the authorities of the receiving country. Cost for deactivation are included in the Contract Sum,
  • Quality control and progress reporting,
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) if required with attendance of Suppliers qualified personnel.

Note: The 57 Mm M1 is extremely rare compared to its British 6 Pdr. Counterpart. Therefore, a very collectable unit!

When Britain required manufacturing muscle in World War 2 (1939-1945) it turned to American factories and relied on Lend-Lease for its supply as it faced the might of the Axis powers on battlefields across the world. In February of 1941, the United States Army set about adopting the British 6-pounder Anti-Tank (AT) gun using American production lines and this gave birth to the “57mm Gun M1”. Manufacture of the gun began a year later, and all this early supplied units were shipped overseas.

The M1 is an almost exact copy of the British six-pounder anti-tank gun. The British design was first modified to American manufacturing practices and standards in order to produce the weapon for Great Britain under Lend-Lease. Production of the U.S. M1 anti-tank gun began in May 1941, and approximately 16,000 were made through 1945. The gun was light, easy to maneuver on the battlefield, and fired both armor-piercing ammunition and a high-explosive shell. The weapon was retired at the end of World War II.

Technical specification:

Model:GUN 57 MM M1
Manufacturer:The Yoder Company
This company produced over 2,000 57-millimeter guns and a million and a half 105-millimeter shells in WW-II
Produced: 1941–1945
Weight:2,520 lb (1,140 kg)
Calibre2.24 in (57 mm)
Effective firing range1,650 yd (1,510 m)
Max firing range5,000 yd (4,600 m)
Dimensions:Length overall:                  8 ft 4 in          (2.54 m)
Width overall:                   5 ft 11 in        (1.8 m)
Height overall:                 4 ft 2 in          (1.28 m)

Interested in this 1942 US Gun 57 mm M1?

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