7245: Absolute superb Class A restored 1943 M5 Halftrack *SOLD*

M5-4697-ORD#15452 delivered in September 1943: The best currently on the MV market

This halftrack:

This is without any doubt currently the best US built Halftrack on the Market.

A genuine fully restored WW-II survivor. Was in service for the Allied troops liberating Europe! Has fulfilled its duties in as well the UK, France, most probably Belgium and The Netherlands and of course Germany. After its demobilization this halftrack was sold as surplus to a farmer in southern France. Finally, it ended in a barn were it was discovered in the late nineties by a Dutch collector.

Fully ground up restoration over 10 years and over 3.000 hrs. spent.
During the restoration many spares (most of them N.O.S.) were discovered in Europe and some even oversees. Originality was the essence during this superb Class A restoration.

The project was recently completed just prior to 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Landings. There it made its first public appearance with great success! Later this year also in addition the mine racks were installed. In this configuration it also participated in the 75th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands together with the XXX-Corps.

Delivery includes the entire beautifully restored and fully serviced vehicle, all canvas, fire extinguisher, fuel cans, hull compass, mirror set, documentation (manuals), Dutch road license (in case of export prepared for export) etc. etc.

The M5 International, standardized in June 1942, is without any doubt the best US half-track vehicle ever built. Technical superior to White, Autocar, and the Diamond T models, very well designed and loved by its crew even it had a limited capacity for stowage. Comfort, speed and performance makes the vehicle a great pleasure to drive.

Physically the M5 had a couple of notable differences. So were the IHC half-track’s fenders flat in cross-section (rather than round), and it was never fitted with the large fender-mounted headlights. The use of rolled homogeneous steel armour by IHC on their vehicles allowed plates to be welded together, giving the M5 much smoother appearance than the bolted M3 half-tracks.

Moreover, the M5 half-tracks featured rounded rear corners, which contrast to the right-angled corners on the M3. IHC half/tracks always had a very good reputation!

Due to the Lend-Lease program the M5 was classified as “limited standard” by the US authorities.

This resulting in that over half of M5 (4.625) and M5A1 production (2.959) and later also the M9A1 (3.433) was send to Britain where it was used by the Armoured Divisions of Britain, Canada and many other allied nations under Lend-Lease such as the Polish, Dutch and French forces for Motor Infantry transport, engineer vehicles, command vehicles and anti-tank gun tows. Also, in total 420 vehicles went to the Soviet Union.
The remainder were used for training purposes in the United States

Short description:

Model: Halftrack (half-track) M5A1 Personnel Carrier with winch
Manufacturer: IHC (International Harvester Company) Chicago, Illinois USA
Gross weight: 19,675 lbs. (8.925 kg)
Engine: International Harvester RED-450-B; 6 cylinders in line gasoline – 143 hp. at 2700 rpm – 348 ft-lb at 800 rpm
Dimensions Length: 20.18 ft.               6,15 m
Width:   7.29 ft.               2,22 m (with mine racks)
Height:   7.58 ft.               2,31 m (overall)
Date of Delivery: September 1943
Serial No.: M5-4697
ORD Nr. 15452

Interested in this halftrack:

If you are interested in this beauty, please let us know. Brochure available!

Please refer to 7245.


If you have any questions please ask BAIV BV, Maarheeze, The Netherlands; phone: +31 6.518 22.502; E-Mail: info@baiv.nl

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