7266: Loyd Carrier

Carrier Tracked Towing No. 1 No. T242986

Very rare survivor and a great project to restore for the serious collector! 

This Mk 1 Loyd carrier; original registration number T242986, is recently discovered by us. A rare unit and therefore very collectable! 

Loyd carriers have been in service from 1939 -1960s by as well the British as Commonwealth.

Designed by Vivian Loyd in 1939 it became a successful towing unit for mainly the 6Pdr. AT gun but it was also used for other towing applications.
The unit was manufactured by Vivian Loyd & Co and some other UK suppliers in the period 1939 until 1944.

This Loyd Carrier:
This Mk 1 is one of the units from the first series. All the main hardware is there except the engine and some sheet metal. The unit needs an extensive and entire restoration but when ready it will be great fun to own and drive due to its unique central steering position and maneuverability!

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