75th Anniversary D-Day invasion of Normandy

Be part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. BAIV offers you an unique 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience in Normandy.

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Live like a GI in a WW2 Army Camp on historic grounds at Omaha Beach, walk the sands of the invasion beaches, be marveled by the formidable defending positions of the Atlantic Wall and visit the drop zones of paratroopers and landing grounds of glider troops. Let us drive you in historic WW2 army vehicles along the paths of the allied forces and tell you about their battles, setbacks and victories in small towns, around important bridges and hills in their struggle to establish a foothold on the Normandy shores. See and undergo their determination to conquer, their stories of hope, fear and individual heroism. And of course we also visit several cemeteries in Normandy to honor and pay tribute to the fallen heroes on Normandy soil.

The BAIV 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, honoring the men who landed on D-Day June 6th 1944, which lead to the Victory over the Nazi regime in Europe in World War Two.

Join us on the beaches of Normandy and sign in now, All information about BAIV’s 75th Anniversary D-Day Experience Normandy, i.e. content, conditions, costs etc. you can find at our website see  75th-anniversary-d-day-invasion-of-normandy

Please note that the number of participants is restricted!
If you want to be part of this unique experience, sign in as soon as possible and join us on the beaches of Normandy in 2019!

Be part of the unique BAIV 75th Anniversary D-Day invasion of Normandy experience.

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What is included or not:

Next to the entire atmosphere, unique location and program following is included:

  • Itinerary designed by our historians Mrs. Carry Harts and Mr. Lex de Groof,
  • Full time historian and logistical escort,
  • Daily support and comradeship of our crew,
  • Educational road book including maps and historical information,
  • Unique military campsite on historic ground (DOG DAY GREEN CAMP),
  • Boarding and lodging including field bed, sleeping bag and other Military Standard accommodation,
  • And in addition: modern facilities, such as electricity, showers, toilets and some other modern comfort such as Wi-Fi etc.,
  • Touring in historic Military vehicles and armored cars,
  • All Breakfasts, several lunches and most dinners,
  • All entrance fees to museums and attractions.


  • Traveling (flights and transport) to and from the campsite at the day of your arrival and departure,
  • Personal purchases and expenses.


  • If you purchase your airline ticket from oversees, please know that Day 1 is the day that you fly, Day 2 is the day you arrive.
    Might be same for your departure from the Campsite to Paris Charles de Gaulle depending on time zones and your destination.
  • We arrange shuttle bus facilities from Paris Charles de Gaulle to the Campsite (254 km) on Thursday May 30th and Sunday June 9th.
    If you want us to arrange a transfer from the airport to and from the Campsite please contact us before you purchase your airline tickets to confirm the recommended time of arrival and departure.

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