8.8 cm. Flak FT-44

The German 88 mm anti-aircraft gun from World War II manufactured in Spain in 1948 in accordance with the original WW-II specifications and in superb condition!

The original 88 mm Flak is almost impossible to buy. However, in case if such a model comes onto the market the price will be extremely high.

BAIV recently discovered a very nice alternative being an 8.8 cm. Flak produced by the Spanish Manufacturer FAT in 1948. Production was fully executed in accordance with the German specifications and standards. Therefore, this gun is very desirable!


Model: 8,8 cm Flak (Flugabwehrkanone)
Manufacturer: FAT Trubia Spain
Year of manufacturing: 1948
Gross weight: 7.407 kg
Crew: 10
Caliber: 88 mm (3.46 in)
Registration ID: No 118
Dimensions Length: 5.8 m     (20 ft)
Width:   2.3 m     (7 ft 7 in)
Height:  2.1 m     (6 ft 11 in)
Reference BAIV: 7228
Condition: In superb condition, only some small deactivation work is performed so far. Will be delivered with the complete fire control unit!
Reference BAIV: 7228

Buying this FLAK:

This post war in Spain manufactured Flak is produced according the German WW-2 German specifications. It is a highly qualified gun and very impressive and ready for display in a museum or living history. It is 100% authentic and comes with all instrumentation as indicated on the pictures. Therefore, an ideal masterpiece to illustrate battlefield conditions.

For buying this Flak a specific permit / authorization / import licence might be required depending on the country of the end user. We are a licenced arms dealer and can ship worldwide.

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