Ready for 3x transportation with our Royal Dutch Army

Between March 27th and April 12th 2015 the operations “Plunder”, “Varsity”,
“Forrard On” and “Amherst” will be relived again under the name
“The Final Push”.
In 1945 these operations were the intro to the Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland.

Ready for 3x transportation with our Dutch Army “The Final Push 2015”

The Royal Netherlands Army (Dutch: Koninklijke Landmacht (KL), “Royal Army”) is the land forces element of the military of the Netherlands.

The Royal Netherlands Army was raised on 9 January 1814—however, its origins date back to 1572, when the so-called Staatse Leger was raised. Therefore, the Netherlands has one of the oldest standing armies in the world, dating back to the 16th century. It fought during the Napoleonic Wars, World War II, the Indonesian War of Independence, Korean War, and served with NATO on the Cold War frontiers in Germany from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Since 1990, the army has deployed to the Iraq War from 2003 and the War in Afghanistan (2001-present), as well as a number of United Nations peacekeeping deployments, notably with UNIFIL in Lebanon, and UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992–1995.

Ready for “The Final Push 2015”

Between March 27th and April 12th 2015 the operations “Plunder”, “Varsity”,
“Forrard On” and “Amherst” will be relived again under the name
“The Final Push”.
In 1945 these operations were the intro to the Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland.

Ivo Jr. in the Dutch Newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’


[ezcol_1half]DSC04384[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]STRONG WAR HERO

In ‘De Telegraaf’ from Saturday March 14th a 3 Colom wide article was printed from Ivo Jr. and his M5 Halftrack.





In the garage of a young car enthusiast you would expect a fast hatchback, not an armored car from World War II. Ivo Rigter (28), however, was lit by his father and restored along with him an IHC Half Track M5.

By Remco Slump

“Why an armored vehicle and not a sports car? That’s because of my grandfather. He found it much too dangerous that my father Ivo (Sr.) wanted to have a race car when he was young. “Let me give that boy an old jeep” ‘he thought, “then he can restore the car, is busy and, when it is ready, he will not crash that easy”. And so the ball started to roll. After he had restored several Jeeps my father bought this IHC Half Track M5 in 1987. In the 2nd WW this great vehicle has served the Allied Polish troops. After the liberation of the German city of Wilhelmshaven it was completely reconditioned by Mercedes-Benz under the ‘Wiedergutmachung’ law.  After this the vehicle was deployed by the French army in South America (French Guiana). However after this initial purchase the Half-Track was many years untouched. When there was a nice workshop to restore the vehicle we started the restoration. This was, with exception of some small details, completed in 2009.

Just in time so to be able to participate in the commemoration of the 65 D-Day landings in Normandy.      At events we participate a couple of times per year, because the Half-Track – where a truck driving license is required – is not a car that you easily take to a super market.

For the long distances a low-loader is required. Its fuel consumption is 1 liter to the km. and the tracks are very expensive. “It’s me and my father therefore mainly to restore it and make sure that this very strong Half-Track technology will outlive us all”.

New restoration project in our workshop for the Grosset Family

In February BAIV received an order from Christophe and Annelies Grosset for the ground up restoration of their Halftrack M9A1 as originally delivered to the US Army in August 1943.

Mr. Grosset, who runs a special butcery in Flumet France, acquired this unique by International build Half-track early 2014. This for sure a 2nd WW survivor is basically original however due its intensive and active service and rough de-commissioning it need a ground up restoration.

Moreover the entire rear Armour is missing and need to be refabricated. Same for the rear bed, storage cabinets and many brackets, seats and clamps. For undefined reasons the engine was roughly opened but never finished. Same for the gearbox what resulted in the fact that water entered the transmission.
Christophe en Annelies

The Family Grosset live in Flumet Savoy, a nice resort with the ski area Espace Diamant. Christophe has a butchery and since this summer also a cheese shop which is absolutely great and very tasteful (See:

During the pick up of the vehicle in Southern France Christophe passed the BAIV team a very nice sausage witch was absolutely great!

Annelies is a goldsmith and received her education in Schoonhoven the Netherlands and has a nice atelier (see
Christophe and Annelies selected BAIV as partner for the restauration of this unique historic object due to BAIV’s professional approach and detailed offer, easy communication and in depth knowledge. Between parties it was agreed that the vehicle must be delivered on August 20th 2015!

First public presentation is already scheduled and will be its participation in the parade in Veigy (Haute Savoie) early September.

The upcoming months you will find regular updates on our website at  service / restoration work and also on our Facebook page.