The “Funny Tank” a Centaur Dozer Tank ’43 / ’44 in ACTION

New video edit from rare old video files!


A Very nice movie of a Centaur Dozer Tank

The Centaur Dozer ’43 / ’44 Dozer Tank “Funny Tank”


BAIV_BV_Centaur_Liberty_Engine_000World War II History:
The first armored bulldozer was developed by the British during World War II.
This was a conventional Caterpillar D8 bulldozer fitted with armor to protect the driver and the engine.
The work was carried out by Jack Olding & Company Ltd of Hatfield.
The bulldozer was one of several strange armored vehicles that were collectively referred to as “Hobart’s Funnies” and were operated by the British 79th Armoured Division in support of armored assaults.


The bulldozers were produced in preparation for the Battle of Normandy with the tasks of clearing the invasion beaches of obstacles and quickly making roads accessible by clearing rubble and filling in bomb craters.


As allied armies advanced through Europe, the armored bulldozer was found to be too slow and there was a need for well-armoured, obstacle clearing vehicle that was fast enough to keep up with tank formations.
This need was met by the Centaur Bulldozer a Centaur tank with the turret removed and a bulldozer blade fitted.


Centaur bulldozers were still in use with the British Army at the time of the Korean War.