Vehicle Markings & Decals – Restoration Project for the Grosset Family

In February BAIV received an order from Christophe and Annelies Grosset for the ground up restoration of their Halftrack M9A1 as originally delivered to the US Army in August 1943.

Mr. Grosset, who runs a special butcery in Flumet France, acquired this unique by International build Half-track early 2014. This for sure a 2nd WW survivor is basically original however due its intensive and active service and rough de-commissioning it need a ground up restoration.

The project is currently in in advanced stage and vehicle is nearly ready in our workshop. Thoughts about painting, marking and decals are also ready meanwhile.

Below some Historical Case Study and final Vehicle Markings & Decals for this great Halftrack.


Halftrack M9-A1 1472-ORD-972


This Halftrack was used by “Le premier Battalion du Genie” of the “First French Army (DFL)” with Registration number 409773

The Fam Grosset want’s that the labeling should be performed in a very realistic way.
Including the Emblem of the “1er Battalion du Genie“, the “La Croix de Lorraine
and the “Le Losange bleu blanc rouge” of the First French Army.

Below the result after digging in archives on the world wide web.


First public presentation is already scheduled and will be its participation in the parade in Veigy (Haute Savoie) early September.






The upcoming months you will find regular updates on our website at  service / restoration work and also on our Facebook page.