Halftrack M5A1 08/1943 restoration

Halftrack M5A1 08/1943

In February 2015  BAIV received an order from Christophe and Annelies Grosset for the ground up restoration of their Halftrack originally delivered to the US Army in August 1943.

We finished the restoration in time so the the Halftrack could have it’s first public presentation in the parade in Veigy (Haute Savoie) in September. When delivering the Halftrack we had a wonderfull welcome by the family Grosset and Club AVM74 in southern France.

On behalf of the entire BAIV Team thanks to all for a fantastic weekend. We have enjoyed your wonderful welcome and event!

Check out the picture overview of the complete restoration work on Service/Restoration work/Halftrack M5A1 08/1943

Halftrack M5A1 081943 (200)Halftrack M5A1 081943 (201)Halftrack M5A1 081943 (190)