On Sunday March 20th BAIV was participating on the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling

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In the last two years the Militaria Fair of the Dutch Association Keep Them Rolling evaluated from a fair for “men searching for vehicle parts, tools, manuals etcetera” to a complete experience for the whole family. With music from the forties, a show of uniforms and vintage clothes, hairdressers and a barber shop the Militaria Fair became the meeting point for everyone who is dedicated to commemorate the Second World War.

In 2014 the Militaria Fair moved to an expo hall in the Southern part of the Netherlands. This location made it possible to house the exhibition fully indoor and with free parking for the visitors. But moreover, it also offered possibilities of expanding and enhancing the formula of the Militaria Fair to attract more people than only owners of military vehicles.
Because of its location, not far from Rotterdam, it also attracts people from surrounding countries.
The number of visitors of the biennial Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling therefore grew extensively. The most recent fair on March 20th 2016 welcomed no less than 3,500 visitors and it is expected that these numbers will grow further during the coming years.

Sellers from all over Europe and BAIV’s participation
During the recent Militaria Fair over one hundred and thirty sellers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany offered a large variety of goods and services. Of course all the large and also abroad well-known sellers and renovators were present.
Moreover, we spotted a large variety of parts, manuals, tools, military and personal equipment, uniforms, tents and WW2 collectibles.

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The Dutch Company BAIV from Maarheeze even brought in a very nice collection fresh restored vehicles. Vehicles (2 halftracks and an early Ford GPW) were on the show just prior to their shipment to clients in the Southern part of France, USA and a The Netherlands.
Our crew received many very enthusiast reactions regarding the high level of restoration and craftsmanship. Also many were impressed that we bring a very nice collection of vehicles to the show! Occasionally even the previous owner of one of the halftracks (Mr. Kees van Gaal) visited ‘his’ halftrack prior to its shipment to the US!

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Back to the forties
The whole atmosphere at the Militaria Fair was drenched in the forties and not only by music from that time. A vintage shop with all kind of civil clothes for men, women and children was constantly crowded with people.
In the hairdressing salon women had their hair done in forties style and the barber shaved many beards in the old-fashioned way.

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At the large terrace friends and acquaintances sat together and enjoyed their lunch or drink, either watched the show of uniforms and vintage civil clothes at the catwalk, which was held three times that day.

In short, the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling is an event to put in your agenda.
Should you want to visit the fair: On October 2nd 2016 there will be the next Militaria Fair.

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