Sold – great restored Ford M8

If you always wanted to have a

1944 Ford M8 Armoured Car


this is the opportunity to make your dream coming true.
Great condition and relatively easy to drive.

No longer available – SOLD
The best and fastest armoured car in WWII.


Model: M8 Light Armoured Car

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company

Gross weight: 14,200 lb. (7.800 kg)

Crew: 4 – driver, commander/radio, gunner, loader

Engine: Hercules JXD 6-cyl gasoline 110 hp. (82 kW)

Transmission: 4 forward, 1 reverse, front wheel drive & high / low gear (4F1Rx2, 6×6)

Suspension: 6×6 individual leaf spring with rigid front and rear axles, rear wheel drive

Speed: 56 mph (90 km/hr.)

Range: 640 km

Armament: US M6 QF AT 37 mm Gun

Armour: 19 / 15 / 8 mm

Date of Delivery: May 1944 (1 st Production Order)