Unique opportunity!

We currently have following vehicles available:

1943 SPG Sexton MKII 25 Pdr. SOLD


In very good running condition. With gun (demilitarized) temporary removed for exhibition purposes. Serial No. 48

1943 Tank cruiser A27L Centaur dozer


In absolute suburb fully restored and operational condition. Class A ground up restoration. Many small details and very rare (only 4 remaining examples in the entire world). New tracks and fully running Nuffield Liberty engine. An absolute collector piece!


Overview viewing day of upcoming auction BAIV B.V. Tuesday 20 September 2016

Nice movie of the viewing day on Saturday 17 September 2016 of our upcoming auction Tuesday 20 September 2016. Thanks for your visit

Online auction of military historical vehicles, tanks and parts such as a “Sexton”  1943, “Centaur Dozer” 1943, FV 434 recovery tank , halftrack M5, “Dodge”, “GMC”, “Brockway”, “Ward Lafrance” trucks and wreckers, “Marington Harrington” armoured car, “U-Boot “motor XXI Serie, motorcycles, etc. Maarheeze

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