Come to visit us at the Army Show Winter Edition 2018


Boarding and Party time:    Saturday and Sunday January 20th and 21st 2018
from 10:00 hrs. onwards.
Location:                                    MECC Maastricht The Netherlands


BAIV will present, together with WW2 Armor from Florida USA, their latest addition to the unique WW2 Armor collection being a M7B1 Howitzer Motor Carriage (HMC) Priest – “KOHEN”. Being built in 1944 this specific example was active in the Battle of the Bulge in January 1945.


WW2 Armor is a group of staff and volunteers dedicated to the preservation of, and education about, WWII US Army armored vehicles and crews. The Priest which will therefore be presented to the international Army Show public for the first time.
The vehicle is fully restored by BAIV.NL during a 9 months period and will be presented in a unique winter style diorama. After the show the Priest will leave Europe and shipped to the US to become an important member of the WW2 Armor collection.

So this is the chance to see it for the last time in Europe. Wake up early and make sure you be there!

Moreover BAIV is going to present the best British tank ever built being the A34 Comet the Saint. The Saint is a genuine German U-boat killer! Early 1945 it knocked out a U-Boat when it tried to escape via the Weser River to open sea.

One single shot from its powerful 77 mm 17 Pounder gun by its gunner Sgt. Reg T. Snowling stopped the escape from as well the submarine and its crew. After its push though Germany finally the Saint, as being used by the 23rd Hussars, ended its active WW-II duty in Lübeck where it arrived on May 4th,1945. There Reg and his comrades waited for the order to push forward to Denmark. This order never came as the war ended shortly after!

Also this tank will find its way to the US later on this year….. Unfortunately it seems to be that American and European collectors respect British Armour, and especially these superb British WW-II tanks, more than the current British collectors are doing.



Therefore come to the International Army Show and see us!
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It will be a great pleasure to see you next week in Maastricht!

TEAM BAIV Maarheeze The Netherlands and WW2 Armor Osteen Florida USA