For Sale: Chevrolet C-60L-APT-GS-16

Chevrolet C-60L-APT-GS-16

Very nice and original unit


1945 4×4 3 ton military truck; right hand drive;

Engine: 6 cylinder inline gasoline engine; 85 hp;

Transmission: manual 4-speed with intermediate case; 4 wheel drive;

Dimensions: (l x w x h) approx. 620 x 229 x 305 cm ;

Weight: approx.  4.445 kg;

Dutch license plate: BL-17-KN;

Chassis: 48 44 31 55 92.


This Chevrolet model C-60L-APT-GS-16 is a very nice vehicle. Not messed up and completely original. After WW-II it served in the Norwegian Army.
Last year this car has been fully serviced by our team.

New (NOS) brakes, cylinder head overhaul, even one fuel tank repaired, cooling system done, etc. etc.

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