Who will become Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck 2019?

The nominees are known and BAIV is one of them!
For the sixth time, Kiwanis Cranendonck organizes the Election Entrepreneurs of the Year Cranendonck. Cranendonck has many successful and inspiring entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs to be proud of. The election Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck offers a platform to put these entrepreneurs in the spotlight and to connect them. We would like to introduce the three nominated entrepreneurs to you.

BAIV B.V. from Maarheeze
BAIV (British American Infantry Vehicles) BV is a company that supplies, restores and serves historic WW2 armored vehicles and tanks. The organization started in the mid-nineties out of enthusiasm by the initiators. However, the initiative developed into the fascinating company BAIV. A company with a focus on historic military armored vehicles and associated equipment. In recent decades, the BAIV crew has accumulated a great deal of knowledge regarding the maintenance, restoration and reconstruction of military armored vehicles, half-tracks, tanks and howitzers.

Kooken B.V. from Budel
Kooken BV from Budel is a professional interior construction company, founded in 1994. Started as a one-man company and now active with 18 employees. In addition to providing high-quality products, customer focus and service are important pillars of the company. Kooken produces its own kitchens. No standard kitchens, but customized products, fully tailored to the wishes of the customer. In addition to kitchens, Kooken also supplies other customized products, such as tables, cabinets, walk-in closets and bathroom furniture.

Van der Kruis Professional painters from Maarheeze
Van der Kruis introduces himself as a young company with a passion for the old craft. Stands for high-quality paintwork for the home or business premises by using the best products and the most modern techniques. Whether it is indoor, outdoor, facade painting or Latex spraying. Van der Kruis Vakschilders has already won the National SchildersVakprijs 2018!

Who will become Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck 2019?
In the upcoming weeks the Jury, existing of mayor Roland van Kessel, Bart van der Linden (director Vacansoleil) and Stef Bogers (director Komma and winner of the title in 2017) the nominees. Among other things, a jury report is drawn up based on this visit.
The winner will be announced on 9 November during a special election event – in the completely renewed Borgh. In the coming weeks we will report more about the nominees. What drives them, what is their purpose and how do they see their future.
If you want to know more about the Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck election, go to the website: www.ovhj2019.nl .
You can also order tickets for the election event there. The proceeds from the Election Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck go entirely to charity. This time is the Jongerencampus Cranendonck, an initiative of Jongerenwerk Cranendonck and the BRAVO college. The intention is to create a place for young people aged 10 to 24 in Cranendonck for informal educational meetings and talent development.

Rabobank Connection Price
As a cooperative bank, Rabobank knows the power of collaboration like no other. That is why Rabobank is again awarding a prize this year to a company or initiative that works together. A partnership that has entered into a connection in a special, innovative or highly effective manner deserves the Rabobank Connection Award. This Connection Prize will also be awarded on the election evening of the Entrepreneur of the Year Cranendonck