BAIV supplied Armored Personnel Carrier (including driver) for the Dutch TV series ‘Thuisfront’ (Home front)

In September and October 2020 BAIV participated in total 6 Shooting days in the recordings of the Dutch mini-series ‘Thuisfront’. This series, produced by BNN/VARA, starts upcoming Sunday May 9th at 20.20 hrs on NPO3.

The four-chapter series follows a battalion (400 to 2.000 soldiers) after their return from an international mission in Uruzgan, Afghanistan in 2010. The soldiers are traumatized by an incident during their mission. Their patrol was confronted with an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion followed by an ambush by the Taliban. However, the air support they requested led to civilian casualties and an investigation into the incident.
The war is still in their minds and at home they must fight for recognition of their work and mission in Afghanistan. The series is directed by Tim Oliehoek.

In the first days of the recording the APC (FV434) of BAIV was driven by Workshop manager Ruud Caspers. The Corona Pandemic was very active in these days resulting in a lot of restrictions. However, in the series this will for sure not be observed.!
The filming was not only restricted to the set but Ruud was also requested to drive the APC on several public roads. In the series Ruud is driving ‘under hatch’ giving the idea that the actor Tom van Dijk, played by Casper Nusselder, is driving the APC.

However, for the 2nd part, filmed on October 25th till 27th, were recordings were planned near The Hague Ruud tested positively on Corona 2 days prior to the shooting starts!  
A quick decision was necessary, so it was decided that Ivo Rigter Sr. has to drive the APC.
Sr. never drove the unit ‘under hatch’ so he was ‘a bit nervous’.
Finally for Sr. this became a unique experience which he enjoyed very (verry) much! 

From the production team BAIV intensively worked together with Annemarie van Ulden (Production coordination) and Michiel Collenteur (Recording leader).

Especially Michiel Collenteur made a great impression. What a drive this man has and an enormous eye for, often small, details.
Annemarie with her team well organized al details with respect to documentation, permits, schedule and (highly respected) the payment.

The main characters in ‘Thuisfront’ are a.o. played by Bram Suijker, Lykele Muus, Mamoun Elyounoussi and Melody Klaver.
The screenplay was written by Paul Jan Nelissen, Peter De Graef, Jeroen Horrevorts and Elisabeth Lodeizen.

The mini series ‘Thuisfront’ (Homefront) will be the upcoming 4 Sundays at 20.20 hrs CEST on Dutch Television, Channel NPO3.