We are delighted that BAIV can celebrate its 10th  Anniversary on Wednesday, February 2, 2022.

In 10 years, we have seen our company grow from a ‘glorified hobby club’ to an internationally respected and well-known organization that belongs to the Top 3 companies worldwide specialized in the restoration of ‘Military Cultural Heritage’.

Some fact and figures:

  • Main workshop located in Nederweert the Netherlands
  • Building footprint 1.217 m(13.100 sqft)
  • Warehouses in Budel and Heythuysen
  • Socially engaged and educational organization creating opportunities for employees
  • Currently 17 Employees; average age 37 years
  • Licensed Arms & Weapons Dealer Category 2, 3 and 4 NL20191618779
  • SCC* approved Company 2017/6.0*
  • Commercial Organization in Restoration of Military Heritage, especially Armored Vehicles and Tanks.

However, most important is our distinct passion for the high-quality restoration and preservation of historic military armored equipment. The love for-, and the traditional knowledge and craftmanship of technical restorations is in our DNA. As we operate in the high-end sector of the market we make a sustainable and valuable contribution to the preservation of Military Cultural Heritage. We promote real experience for current and future generations and realize dreams!