𝐃-𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑

Come and keep the history alive!

On June 6, 1944, over 200.000 American and Allied soldiers arrived at Normandy by air and sea, initiating the liberation of Western Europe with the support of thousands of aircraft.

Every year, we pause to remember this date. At D-Day Conneaut, they recreate a realistic reenactment of the invasion, keeping the event alive. In doing so, we honor all the soldiers, some of whom made the ultimate sacrifice.

Tracks and Trade, together with BAIV will be there! During this event we will give you a sneak preview at some of the unique lots that will be auctioned on US veterans day (11-11-2023).

In addition, BAIV events is proud to launch its overwhelming program of its D-Day Experience that will take place from May 30 to June 8, 2024. During the event we can give you all ins-and-outs and you can pre-register yourself.

𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐟𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲, 𝐰𝐞 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐭 𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐚𝐭 𝐃-𝐃𝐚𝐲 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭 𝐨𝐧 𝐀𝐮𝐠𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝟏𝟕-𝟏𝟖 𝐨𝐫 𝟏𝟗.