Clark tructractor CT.40 USA 81425


Clark tructractor CT.40
USA 81425 / Date of Delivery 06-43

During WO-II Clark produces almost 90 percent of the military requirements for fork lift trucks and tow tractors. It was once said during WWII that there was not an air field under Allied control that did not have a Clark fork lift truck or tow tractor. By the end of the war, the widespread use of Clark lift trucks by the Allied Forces and war-related industries made “Clark” and “fork lift” almost synonymous.

This Clarktor 6 is in very good running and fully operational condition. Delivered on June 1943 to the Columbus ASF Depot in Ohio it was sent to Europe to support the Allied Air forces in their campaign against Germany. This specific was stationed somewhere in Belgium. After the war it was sold to a dairy factory (in the area of Hasselt) and was used as tug tractor till the early 60’s. Recently it was completely overhauled and rebuilt by a Belgium collector. However many Clarktors are supplied only a few survived. Therefore it is a very unique vehicle. This is a very interesting collector’s item which will give you, next to the collectors value, lots of fun to tow far more heavy objects that you will imagine!

 Good technical condition,
 Completely rebuilt,
 Press the button and go,
 Uncut Armour.