The A34 Comet ‘The Saint’

The A34 Comet The Saint

A genuine German U-boat killer!

Dedicated to Sgt. Reg T Snowling who fought for our freedom, During World War II, with the 23rd  Hussars, C Squadron, 11th  Armoured Division.

I sank an U-boat

After Lübeck was captured on May 2nd, 1945, C and H Squadron of the 23rd Hussars received orders to pull up to the port of Neustadt on a distance of twenty-five miles. The squadrons passed along the seashore through what once were pleasant holiday resorts. Beside the road they saw no jubilant, waving crowds as in France, Belgium and The Netherlands, but silent and fearful people. The only flags they saw were white ones. Finally the squadrons sormounted the rise that overlooks Neustadt Bay. In the harbour they could clearly see several submarines, boats and two large vessels. They notified the RAF and sson three Typhoons came to attack them. Anti-Aircraft opened up from the U-boats and vessels in the bay. C suadron joined in the fight, opening up on all the vessels they could see. It was during this action that gunner Sgt. Reg ‘Titch’ Snowling managed to hit an U-boat with the powerfull 77 mm 17 Pdr. gun of this Comet ‘Saint’.


The A34 Comet is recently fully restored by BAIV and Sgt. Reg ‘Titch’ Snowling was ofcourse invited to attend its first roll out. Unfortunately we received from his Family the message that Dad is in hospital at the moment and he has been in there for five weeks.
However, it made his day to see BAIV’s message. He still talked about the sublime two days spent at the War and Peace Revival in Kent with the wonderful BAIV people .

Sadly Sgt. Reg ‘Titch’ Snowling  died in the weekend of 30th June, we truly are blessed that we have met him. It marks the end of a historic era but will live on in our thoughts and the Comet Saint. We like to pass our condolences to D. and G. Snowling