Dodge WC 62 6×6

The Dodge WC series are pure War Vehicles.

Built in the US they saw action on every theater of the World War II as well Europe, Africa and the Far East. Its development was based on the huge experience of the Dodge Company, who already had built a great amount of small trucks and pick-up’s since WW I. Those WC war-versions have been built to match their future rough mission.

The G507 Cargo and Personnel Carrier, 1 1⁄2-ton, 6×6 Truck, Dodge (WC62 w/o Winch) was based on a lengthened WC51 Weapons Carrier with an extra axle added. When the army enlarged rifle squads from eight to twelve men, the 3⁄4-ton no longer sufficed, and a 48-inch longer 6×6 variant was created, that used most of the mechanical parts and some of the sheet metal of the G-502. The G507 trucks can be driven by all six wheels (6×6) or by the four rear wheels only (6×4). A number of components were strengthened in this design.

Length: 17 ft 11 in / 5.47 m
Height (with canvas cover): 7 ft 3 in / 2.21 m
Height (with top down): 5 ft 2 in / 1.57 m
Weight: 6,925 lb / 3 141 kg
Width: 6 ft 11 in / 2.11 m
Payload: 3,300 lb / 1500 kg


This older patina restoration very reliable runner. Moreover fantastic to drive and a valuable investment. Dutch road registered (BE-43-76). Chassis Nr. 82008523
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