Dodge WC56 USA 20176149 1942

In patina good and original condition

The Dodge WC56 Truck, Command Reconnaissance, 3/4 ton, 4×4 w/o Winch Dodge (G502), also called Dodge Command, was a reconnaissance and command vehicle.

The engine is the Dodge T-214 with 92 bhp. In the war the vehicle was used behind the enemy lines because its distinctive profile made it a target.

Nowadays it’s a very popular classic military vehicle and comfortable to drive.


This older patina restoration is in great running condition.

It’s in this series one of the earlier models built. Restored in The Netherlands and a reliable runner. Moreover fantastic to drive and a valuable investment.

Comes with also the door canvas map reading table, original leather seats, pioneer tools etc. Dutch road registered (AL-16-68)