Extremely rare LC-61 Plow and matching accessories; Reel Cart RL-35A and early war Bendix Westinghouse Compressor

Great objects for a Signal Corps setup!

1943 Plow LC-61

Recently BAIV discovered an extremely difficult to find US Plow LC-61 as used by the Signal Corps in WW-II. In 1943 this Plow was manufactured by the by the Universal Engineering Corporation in Cedar Rapids Iowa. This company is still existing however it was acquired by the McLanahan Corporation in 2012.

The Plow is fully functional and in remarkable good patina condition. Even the currently mounted tires are WW-II dated (Firestone 600 x 16).

  1. Two Cables WC-548 (spiral-four),
  2. One 5-pair cable,
  3. One 10-pair cable,
  4. Six pairs of field wire.

The Plow LC-61 was designed to plow-in wire or cable up to approximately 1-inch diameter. At a speed up to 5 miles/hr., it was possible to plow-in each of the following at one operation:

The Plow could be adjusted to bury wire or cable at depths from 6 to 18 inches.

Next to the installation the Plow Lc-61 could also be used to recover field wire and cable!

The Plow is a very nice example of dedicated American Engineering during WW-II!

A digital version of the manual can be found on: https://archive.org/details/TM11-370/page/n23

1944 Signal Corps Reel Cart RL-35-A

Next to the plow BAIV also discovered a matching Reel Cart RL-35. This is a two-wheel cart with pneumatic tires, which may be pulled by hand or towed behind a vehicle. Each reel cart carries three Reels DR-4 or one Reel DR-5, which are removable.

The axle is equipped with a detachable hand crank for use when recovering wire on the reels. The Reel Cart RL-35 is particularly suitable for laying wire over terrain that is impassable to motor vehicles, such as very soft ground or heavily wooded areas. Prior to being towed behind a vehicle, the handle (draw bar) is unfastened from the lunette on the tongue and placed in a bracket at the rear of the cart. The lunette fits the pintles on certain small vehicles only. (Reference FM 24-20 Field Wire Systems 4. October 1944)

This field chart is manufactured by the Johnson Lawn Mower Company (Serial No. 1980)

More info: US Army Field Manual FM24-20 Field Wire Systems; https://archive.org/details/Fm24-20/page/n75

In addition to the cart a very nice and extensive set of tools is supplied all WW-II dated (See picture below). This makes the set unique! These tools were very common for the signal corps engineers.

Very rare: Compressor, Air, Portable Type 4 Cubic Feet, Gasoline Engine Driven No. 66-C-1380

The 3rd item in this set is a Bendix Westinghouse Manufactured Portable Compressor Model No. 221207. This compressor is designed especially to inflate tires, and to operate a pneumatic-type grease gun. It is mounted in a carrier assembly with a single wheel to make the unit easily portable.

The 4-cubicfoot, air-cooled compressor is belt-driven by a 1½-horsepower gasoline engine. The governor-controlled air pressure supplied by the unit is maintained between 105 pounds minimum and 130 pounds maximum.

The tubular frame of the unit serves as the air storage reservoir. The unit is complete with hoses and fittings for tire inflation and lubrication.

This type of equipment was identified as ‘vehicular general purpose unit equipment’ From its construction it was very clever engineered because the tubing frame is also the air pressure vessel. Overhauled in May 1943!; All STD so the manufacturing date of this unit will be in the early years of the WW-II.

We as BAIV have never seen such a unit before. Has been discovered in a barn in the area of Heteren The Netherlands were the US Troops had a maintenance depot in the winter of 1944/ 1945.

As fare we have discovered there is only one other example left so this is an extremely rare and collectable item.

Only disadvantage is that it is relatively heavy and difficult to move 😀

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  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (4)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (5)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (6)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (7)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (8)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (1)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (2)
  • BAIV US air compressor 1943 (3)


  • Cable cart
  • Cable plow 5
  • Plow LC-61-1
  • Plow LC-61-2


  • BAIV LC61-Plow-1
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-2
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-3
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-4
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-5
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-6
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-7
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-8
  • BAIV LC61-Plow-9

Reel Cart:

  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-7
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-8
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-10
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-11
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-12
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-13
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-14
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-15
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-16
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-1
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-2
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-3
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-4
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-5
  • BAIV Reel Cart RL35A-6