Ford M8 9016

We currently finished the restoration of  this M8 (Hull Nr. 9016) which was built in August 1944 by the Ford Motor Company. At the moment it was at 80% finsihed. An amazing job where every part was taken apart, fully restored before everything was reassembled according factory specifications. The engine was a fully new rebuild from many N.O.S. items. Same with gearbox, the entire drive line, turret and gun etc. etc. Jean Yves build a complete new wiring loom according factory specifications using original WW-II cables. All parts was professionally shot blasted and painted in a 4 layer 2K painting system.

It was registered by the US Army under USA 6041919-S and was for sure active in the WW-II. Very original with original engine and many small details! After the war it was used by the French army for several years.

We participated with this M8 on the tour The Final Push In April 2015, where the M8 performed very well during a tour of 460 km from Groesbeek to Groningen. Very rare piece of WW-II Armour which is one of the most desirable and practicable armoured cars to have and drive!



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