Genuine and original WW-II PRIEST M7B1 Class A restored

An absolute unique piece of WW-II US built self-propelled artillery USA 40172547-S


Model Priest M7B1
Weight: 22.700 kg
Manufacturer: Pressed Steel Car Company Chicago
Crew: 7 (Commander, Driver, gun crew)
Engine: Ford GAA, 8 cylinder, DOHC 60°V8 gasoline, Displacement:  1,100 cu in (18 L) Power output:  525HP at 2.600 RPM Torque:                1,100 lbs. (1.400 Nm)
Transmission 5 forward 1 reverse
Speed 25 miles/h (40 km/h) on the hard ground
15 miles/h (25 km/h) on the soft ground
Dimensions Length:                                6,02m
Width:                  2,87m
Height:                 2,95m
Armament Main:                    105mm howitzer M2A1
Secondary:         .50cal M2HB Machine Gun,                                3x .45 Submachine guns Secondary Armament not included!
Ammunition 105mm                69 pcs.
.50                         300 rounds
.45                         1,620 rounds
Any Ammunition not included
Armor 108 mm max
Production Production start:              3/44 Production ended:          2/45 Total built:                          826
Level of restoration Class A
 Reference BAIV: 7276  

M7B1 Priest came later in production then the M7 and was based on the M4A3 Sherman.

It was produced from March 1944 until February 1945 by the Pressed Steal Car Company. Total No. built was 826. Major improvement was the implementation of the GAA V8 engine which was without any doubt the best tank engine built in the US during WW-II.

This engine supplied its power via a double clutch plate system and propeller shaft to the front mounted transmission pack. The transmission used was the synchromesh type. It had 5 gears forward and 1 reverse. The synchromesh were actual unnecessarily for the Ford GAA V8 because by this type of engine you already can shift gears at 300 RPM. 
The synchromesh type gearbox was however an absolute must for the also widely used radial-engine Continental radial-engines R975-C1 and C4, which was basically a 9-cylinder air-cooled airplane engine with an output of 450 bhp which was very difficult to drive. That is why the synchromesh transmission was standardized.

The Priest M7B1 saw first action in the battle of the Bulge. There the M7B1 proved to be very effective. Same for the campaign up to Berlin. In the ‘50s, when the M7B1 was widely used in the Korean war, the elevation of the gun was inadequate to be used in the mountain area. To improve this many Priest have been modified in this period by raising the howitzer and add an extra segment in the pulpit. This modification was standardized as the M7B2.

Buying your Priest:

When buying a Priest from BAIV you will become part of an exclusive journey!

After signing the sales agreement the BAIV team will start the restoration of YOUR Priest until it is 100% restored and overhauled (Class A)!
To have an impression of the work and quality level of the restoration please see our website:

Scope is including:

  • Unit will be fully (100%) restored and completed,
  • Restoration level: Class A, involving the entire unit (disassembly to the last screw, restoration and rebuilt in accordance with factory specifications including new tracks and roadwheels),
  • Unit shall be restored as period WW-II correct by using as much as possible original parts. Fuel system shall be upgraded and compatible for modern ethanol blended fuel.
  • Preservation with a 2K US coating system (Carboline) in the color of USA Army WWII OD Green.
  • Markings and identification to be placed on the Unit to be determined by Client. BAIV will make a proposal,
  • Included will be a full set of documentation (operation and maintenance manuals), restoration photographical log, delivery protocol, certificate of conformance, valuation report and CEx,
  • The 105 mm Howitzer will be deactivated according EU regulations or regulations as specified by the authorities of the receiving country. Cost for EU deactivation are included in the Contract Sum,
  • Training at our workshop will be included up to 2 members of Clients team for 3 days to learn critical information in the preservation and maintenance of the Unit if so desired,
  • Quality control and progress reporting,
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Field Test with the attendance of Suppliers qualified personnel.

Scope is excluding:

  • Safety precautions other than mandatory under the EU Law.

Price for a Class A restored Priest M7B1 on application. We can ship worldwide. Delivery time: 12-14 months after P.O..

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