SOLD – Halftrack M3A1#USA-4044090-S#November 1942 – SOLD-


Model: Halftrack M3A1
Manufacturer Diamond T Motor Car Company
Combat Weight: 9.300 kg (20,500 lbs.)
Crew: 13 (3 crew and 10 passengers)
Engine: White 160 AX L-Head 6 cylinder in line gasoline

Nett 147 hp. at 3000 rpm.

Nett 325ft-lb at 1200 rpm

Transmission: 4 speeds forward, 1 reverse
Dimensions Length :               6,34 m
Width :                1,98 m
Height :               2,69 m
Armament: Non (all cradles and carriages are however included)
Registration: USA 4044090-S
Chassis No. / ORD Serial No.: M34285 / 87500
Date of delivery: November 1942

Detailed description / history:


This Halftrack was built in November 1942 by the Diamond T Motor Car Company as an M3. It was registered by the US Army under registration number USA 4044090-S and was for sure active in the WW-II.
After its D-Day campaign in France, where it was heavily damaged, it was sent back to the US for a major repair and overhaul (Whittemore Michigan). During this operation it was also upgraded to an M3A1 (WHTTEMORE 8-44). Exact details of its active military service are unknown. However if the vehicle could talk it must be impressive! The original data plate is still there!

Early 45 it was sent back to Europe. As a proof of its history the Marshall logo was found on the armour prior to restoration. After the war it was used by the French Army and ended its active service at the surplus yard of Mr. Lascoumes in La SÔNE in France.

In the seventies it was bought by the famous Dutch collector Lex Schmidt, who partly restored it in the eighties however. He was not able to finish the restoration and the vehicle stood in the  garage next to his house in de Bilt for many decades. In 2008 Art Huizer, a Dutch top restorer, discovered the remains of this vehicle, transported everything to his workshop in Vlaardingen and finished the vehicle in a nine months’ timeframe.


This halftrack is in excellent and original condition. Restoration level: Class A.
Armour is 100% original and uncut. All parts used for the restoration are genuine WW-II parts. Tracks are used but a set of new tracks is included in the purchase price.  It is completely stowed just as it was seventy years ago and ready for combat. Many small items are there even snow chains, radio- intercom set, hull compass, all canvas (also original WW-II) etc. etc.. Too much to be listed!

The vehicle was always stored inside during at least the last 40 years. Therefore all materials are in excellent condition and due to its restoration ready for the 2017 show season! Comes with Dutch title and can be used on the public road.

The White M3A1 is an absolute unique piece WW-II armour. Included are all loose items, radios and a set of new tracks. This historic beauty is a musthave for a serious collector of WW-II armour!

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