Halftrack M5A1 USA 4030308 *SOLD*

Halftrack M5A1 International delivered on February 12th 1943 and some time ago found on a scrap yard in France and currently in our workshop. All of our own made reproduction parts are first fitted and Halftrack is completed before complete disassemble prior for a full restoration. All reproduction parts are an exact copy from original!

Technical superior
The Halftrack International, respectively standardized in June and July 1942, were without any doubt the best half-track vehicles ever built. Technical superior to White, Autocar, and the Diamond T models, very well designed and loved by its crews, even though it had a limited capacity for stowage. Comfort, speed and performance made the vehicle a great pleasure to drive. Disadvantage however, was that the armour could only stop small arms fire and shell and mortar splinters. It couldn’t withstand direct artillery and anti-tank fire. Though the International Halftrack, it did not mean that drivers needed not to take care! To reduce the number of accidents the First Canadian Army in Britain therefore introduced a 30-mph road speed limit for half-tracks.

Restoration project currently available at BAIV. Start of our journey of restoration and bringing back and participate / commemorate with the 75th anniversary of d-day /Market Garden

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