Halftrack White M2A1 1943

This rusty old lady can become yours! Restoration project currently available at BAIV.

Halftrack White M2A1#278565#USA4037245-S

Built in June 1943 as an M2 by the White Motor Company and upgraded into an M2A1 later that year by Bowen & McLaughlin before it was shipped to Europe to support the US troops.

This very rare WW-II survivor, and godfather of the entire US built Halftrack Family, was definitely active in the liberation of Europe!

Become the owner of an incredible piece of living military armoured history and let it being restored exclusively for you by our dedicated team to be delivered in September 2018.

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BAIV: Restorations and overhaul

Restoration up to the smallest detail, is our trademark. In our well facilitated workshop in Nederweert a dedicated team of specialists is working on several medium to large scale restoration projects on daily basis. An extra service of BAIV is our Customer Experience (CEx). Every step in the restoration process is documented with photos and films. Our clients receive regular updates of the restoration process. As a result, you will feel that you are connected at every milestone in the restoration process.

 Enjoy this experience and become part of our family!

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