Leopard 1V; BAIV Reference: 7420

in 1955, when the West German Army joined NATO, it was equipped primarily with equipment made by the U.S., France and Great Britain. Among the first tanks used by the West German Army were American built M47’s and M48’s. While decent tanks for their time, they were already beginning to be outclassed by vehicles of other nations.

In 1956, a requirement for a new tank for the West German Army was put forth. By September 1965, the first Leopard 1 was delivered and without any doubt a masterpiece of German Post War Tank technology. The tank has a crew of 4 persons. The Leopard 1 was a fast, well-armed main battle tank and formed the backbone of the West German Panzer Forces throughout the 1960s and 1970s until it began to be replaced by the more powerful, but also far heavier, Leopard II. Also many other nations bought the Leopard 1 due to its excellent performance. Soon this tank will be also active in Ukraine.

This tank is one of the examples being used by the Dutch Army.
Netherlands received 468 units of the fourth series Leopard A1, built between October 1969 and March 1972. During the 1980s, this model was updated to version 1V; an improved version of the base Leopard 1. The V stands for improved. The 1Vs are equipped with a gun stabilization system, a laser rangefinder system, a fire control computer, ranged armor and FN 7.62mm machine guns (MAG). The improvements have been introduced gradually.

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