M24 Chaffee 1944 built by Massey-Harris

The ultimate experience to get this 1944 M24 Chaffee fully restored and bring together with us to the beaches of Normandy and the Corridor of Operation Market Garden in The Netherlands in 2019!!

As well in the WW-II as post war period the M24 Chaffee was an very iconic tank loved by its crew, great to drive and operate and highly maneuverable.

Basically built for the US Army but also used by many other allied forces the Chaffee was from its design the transition to post war Tank Design.
Therefore from a historical point a must have for the serious tank collector.

BAIV currently is offering a unique example. Unique due to the fact that it is a very early model which was for sure active in the battle of Europe. This M24 Chaffee was built by Massey-Harris, which are far more rare the ones built by Cadillac. The hull has still some field repair marks due to battle damage.

Start of our journey together is a hull, turret and almost 95% of the parts to complete it.

Final chapter will be its first public appearance on the beaches in Normandy and participate in the Operation Market Garden in Brabant The Netherlands with 400.000 enthusiast people along the road all the way from Belgium to Nijmegen. Customer Experience (CEx) in its most enjoyable form.

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VB 2018-08 adv CMV aug 2018 v2

Model: M-24 Light Tank (Chaffee)
Manufacturer: Massey-Harris
Production period March 1944 till August 1945
Weight: 18,207 kg / 40,500 lbs.
Crew: 5 (Commander, gunner, loader, driver, co-driver)
Engine: 2 Cadillac V8-cylinder 44T24 petrol-engines developing 110 hp each
Transmission: 2 Automatic (hydramatic) transmissions (8 Forward, 4 reverse)
Suspension: Torsion bar with five rubber-tyred medium size road wheels per side
Max. speed: 56 km/h (off-road 40 km/h)
Parts identification: G200
Dimensions: Length:   5.49 m         (18.0 ft)

Width:    2.95 m         (  9.7 ft)

Height:   2.77 m         (  9.0 ft)

Electrical installation: 24 Volt
Armament: Main armament

1 × 75 mm Gun M6 with 48 rounds

Secondary armament

1 × .50 cal. Browning M2HB mg w/440 rounds

2 × .30-06 Browning M1919A4 mg w/3,750 rounds

Date of Delivery Early 1944