M45 Maxson quadmount on M20 trailer, Patina

The M45 Quadmount (nicknamed the “meat chopper” for its high rate of fire) was a weapon mounting consisting of four “heavy barrel” .50 calibre M2 Browning machine guns mounted in pairs on each side of an open, electrically powered turret. It was developed by the W. L. Maxson Corporation to replace the earlier M33 twin mount. Although designed as an anti-aircraft weapon, it was also used against ground targets. Introduced in 1943 during World War II, it remained in US service as late as the Vietnam War.

This ‘Meat chopper’ is very good patina condition and complete. Just needs to TLC (Tender Love and Care). One of the tires is repaired as you can see on the pictures and the other tire is post war. Only missing items are the Briggs&Straton generator and the batteries.

Will be delivered including 4x NOS 50CAL solenoids for the 50M2 HB (also on the pictures). ex works Nederweert

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