Movie: IHC Halftrack M5 Personnel carrier (Krystyna) Restoration

We made a movie of our IHC Halftrack M5 Restoration (Krystyna). The complete restoration took more than 2500 hours where every part was taken apart and restored. In 2009 we completed the Halftrack to participate on D-day and went to various events until in 2014 we decided to finish all last details for 70 years remembrance of Operation Market Garden.

Language is in Dutch. Movie is divided in 5 parts, click below to play all.





BAIV_TEAM_BUILDING_2015m05_0800_600dpiBAIV (British American Infantry Vehicles) BV is a Company located in The Netherlands with a well facilitated workshop (800 m2 / 8.600 ft2) in Maarheeze (close to Eindhoven) that supplies, restores and serves historic WW2 Armoured Vehicles & Tanks.

It started with a group of enthusiast in the mid-’90s, however due to the expansion BAIV was founded as a company in 2002 with focus on historical military armoured vehicles and associated equipment.

During the last decades the BAIV crew gathered lots of knowledge with respect to maintenance, restoration and rebuilding military armoured cars, halftracks, tanks and howitzers. Therefore BAIV can help you with identification, supply of parts (N.O.S. and reproduction), modification, support, etc.

This website will give you a general idea of what we can offer you, ongoing projects in our store and items on stock.

If you have a vehicle which need to be maintained or overhauled please do not hesitate to ask an inquiry. We can support you with all kind of repairs & restoration work.

Interested: Please contact us by E-mail, Phone or visit our workshop in Maarheeze on appointment as we do not work with regular opening hours.

PQI: Passion, Quality and In time; that is BAIV!

We can also arrange transportation from and to our workshop including documents.

For more information, please feel free to contact us

Meet our Staff

Ford M8 (48)

BAIV BV – Army Pin Up Calendar 2015

BAIV BV – Army Pin Up Calendar 2015

Pin Up Images by Dietz Dolls Vintage Pin Up Photography (Facebook)

Monthly calendar including week numbers.

Kind Regards,


 Click here to open or print PDF Calendar (13 pages).

BAIV BV Calendar 2015 - Pin Up Images by Dietz Dolls Vintage Pin Up Photography (Facebook)
BAIV BV Calendar 2015 – Pin Up Images by Dietz Dolls Vintage Pin Up Photography (Facebook)

Click here to open or print PDF Calendar (13 pages).

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December Arrivals: Patton Tank Engine & unique German XXI Series U-boot Motor

Our Christmas arrivals!
2 unique heavy weight masterpieces of technology from as well Germany as the US!
Absolute suburb E-Motor German U-Boot XXI Series  Model: Hertha 2GU 365/30 build by Siemens-Schuckertwerke at the end of 1944
– V12 Continental AVI-1790-8M Powerunit Assy with gearbox for the M51 recovery vehicle the M47, M48, and M60 Patton Tank  

Check out the for sale page for more details


LoI from Dutch Railway Museum

BAIV got Letter of Intent from Dutch Railway Museum for the Casco renovation of 2 historic carriages Plan K & D WR

Just before Christmas BAIV received a Letter of Intent for the Casco renovation of 2 unique historic railway carriages! Order was awarded by Mr Peter-Paul de Winter, head of Collections of the Dutch Railway museum

The carriage Plan K was built by the Dutch manufacturer Beijnes Haarlem in the period 1957 – 1958. This specific carriage was, after its intensive service as international train to travel passengers to the sun, the mountains or ski resorts, added to the royal train. In this period it was used to transport Dutch officials and members of the government during state visits of the Queen.

Plan D was in use between 1950 and 1987 by the Dutch Railways. In 1949 the Dutch railways decided to enlarge their fleet with seventy express train carriages who received the type designation Plan D. The order was awarded to Werkspoor and Beijnes This specific carriage was delivered by Beijnes as combined restoration / baggage car with a restoration room for fifteen travelers. Moreover it had a built in bar, a conductor section and even a payphone for possible future installation of wireless (which by-the-way never was realized).

BAIV was selected to execute this unique project by its specific approach and track record. The sustainable restoration of the hull of the carriage K plan, and Plan D-WR will be executed:

  • With the interior remains in the carriage as much as possible,
  • the entire work will be performed in accordance with the applicable regulations and permits,
  • the presence of asbestos insulation (handled in accordance with asbestos regulations),
  • presence of windows, hard to reach areas, etc.,
  • Work must be carried out under a ‘hot work permit’ regime,
  • The Dutch Railway Museum will act as principal.

Work will be executed by the BAIV team in the period January-July 2015 in a facility in Blerick / Venlo, The Netherlands. Formal contract will be signed in January 2015.

A unique project which requires a unique approach and contractor!
By the way: did you know that in the WW-II many US carriage builders were active in production of Tanks?

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