Patton Tank engine V12 Continental AVI-1790-8M

V12 Continental AVI-1790-8M TANK ENGINE: ORD Serial #: 5105

Contract #: DA-20-018-AMC-0044TT,
Type –90 degree four-stoke V12, 29,400 cc (1792 cu in),
Bore x Stroke 5.75 x 5.75 inch,
Fuel system: Injection,
Ignition: Magneto,
Cooling system: Air,
Gross Power output: 1,050 HP at 2800 rpm’s.

This engine overhauled by Fahzeuginstandhaltungswerk Icehdorf GmbH Germany in 08-1989.
All bores 010 oversize, main and big end bearings STD.

The Continental AV1790 was an American tank engine. Produced by Continental Motors. The AV1790 was used in a variety of limited production or pilot heavy tanks, including the T30, T34 (not to be confused with the Soviet T-34), T43 (not to be confused with the Soviet T-43), T57, and T58, as well as the production M103 tank (derived from the T43), the and the M47, M48 and M60 Patton!

This specific engine was mounted in a M48 A2 G as being used by the German Army and is still in perfect condition. Comes as complete powerpack so including starter, dynamo, and the entire General Motors gearbox Model CD-850-4B with 2 ranges forward and 1 reverse. Ready to install. Can be demonstrated in running order against additional price.

Price for this great incredible power pack: ASK ex. Works Maarheeze.

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